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Design to develop better, faster.

A firm dedicated to improving the workflow between design and development.

mean guppy

Mean Guppy is a engineer-led design firm specialized in architecting reusable component libraries and design systems.

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We love design systems.

Let's build a design system together. Our design team spent years perfecting design systems in Silicon Valley’s top tech companies. They know what it takes to achieve success, they don’t just create design systems they train, enforce and champion the workflow across your design team.

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We build it once.

Let’s code components and use them everywhere. Our engineering is design focused and builds in a component-first style that ensures maximum reuse and smaller codebases. They will establish a monorepo to maintain shared components across Android, iOS, and the web.

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We improve the way teams work.

Design systems and component libraries make it easier for product teams to build beautiful, usable products faster. But, these benefits are often never returned on the investment. Creating a design system is challenging, yet it’s only the first small step. The system needs to change the way a team works and how they discuss design considerations during meetings. It's a large effort, that requires leadership, experience and a dedicated focus to be successful. Our experts can ensure success, we work with your design system through review, definition, integration, deployment and evangelization until we've crafted a unified, scalable workflow for perfect your team.

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Now we can build beautiful, usable products faster.

Now you have a design system, component library and new team workflow, but we don’t want to stop there. A great system and library are never done. They evolve and improve as products get optimized and platforms change. We stay engaged with your teams to keep maturing and optimizing your system through our managed “design system as a service” offload the burden of maintaining the system so you can stay focused on creating great products.

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